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A Profound Question

If your memories were lost, would you try to find them?
Would your curiosity get the best of you?
How far would you go to unlock the secrets of your past?
But are they truly forgotten? 

Tales oft old speak of monsters that bear terrifying features and commit horrifying deeds toward mankind. 
Medusa, Hydra, Cyclops, Scylla: What are they to us?
Are they creatures long since erased from these lands because of their ferocity and ill-nature towards mankind?
Or were they something more sinister?
What if they were the physical interpretations of the darker side of the human psyche?

Whispers travels fast upon the wings of fear:
"They say she kills the men who can't satisfy her in bed.

The Medusa saunters by.
"I heard he talks to himself when no one looks to keep the voices from 'taking him away'.

The Hydra glances your way.

"Someone told me his brother took his eye. and then he took his brother's life."

The Cyclops grunts.

"They say she gutted her husband after she caught him cheating on her."

The Scylla remains silent.

If your memories were lost, would you try to find them? 

Even if they led you to the darkest dungeon, a dungeon lost to wrath of time.
A dungeon you posses the sole key to.
The rusty iron key scrapes perfectly into the steel padlock latched on the massive door to the monster's lair.
Do you open the weathered padlock: The only thing preventing the monster from escaping into our world once again? 
The beast stirs behind the door, grumbles of joy pass through the cold steel into your quaking ears. 

"How long has is been, friend since we last met? Is it time for us to join together again?"

If you knew that monster was you, would you trade your past for your mind?
A Profound Question
I sat in my friend's writing class yesterday. I'm not too certain what was going on but from what I could tell... people were writing about events that happened to them in a more creative way. 
Anyways, I wrote this do dad about me and how I don't remember squat from my past up until my days in high school. The people in the psych department call it "repression of memories" and it's supposed to be a defense mechanism for the human mind. Your mind makes you forget certain memories so you can still function as a person in today's society. 

I've lost my marbles once and it was bad. Really bad. And to me, this pretty much sums up how I feel if I ever want to figure out what my past was like. (I'll give you a hint: I'm not going to try). 

Enjoy the creepypasta!
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Yin and Yang - Black Nuzlocke Page 10 lines by afrolady114
Yin and Yang - Black Nuzlocke Page 10 lines
I really need to make up my mind how I'm drawing these character... :doh:

Anyways, RECAP because I take forever to draw things: This is my 2 pokemon Black Nuzlocke run where my starter is Captain America, and the first male pokemon I find becomes Bucky. Bucky isn't in here... yet! Who's this Absol anthromorph anyways? Also WTF A RAMPARDOS??

There's only 1 trainer I know who uses a Rampardos... :3 
Interested? Give it a favorite, or a comment! :D 
Colors and dialogue to come soon... ish. 

Previous: Yin and Yang pg 9

Pokemon (c) Nintendo
Captain America: Created by Jack Kirby (c) Marvel

made on recycled brown 9x12 sketch paper, with micron inking pens and black ink caligraphy pens wooooo


The Arwing Pilot - Squad Leader
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United States
A person who can appreciate the beautiful form of "art".
I love Transformers, Pokemon, Star Wars, Video Games and anything really that could be considered "geeky" or "nerdy". I write on the side as well. I'm just here to try and give back to the art community after many years of not being "good" enough to do just that.

On a personal note: I'm trying to become a pilot (yes as in flying ACTUAL airplanes), and it's been a super long and super tough road to take... but I'm making progress... I think ^^; If you scroll through my "Photograph" album, you'll see some of the birds I took pictures of!

Etsy Shop: (I sell Pokemon Card Wallets)…
This is here for me to keep tabs on what I need to get done for people...

:bulletred: 2 point commissions for :iconlady-elita-1: featuring her OC Causeaway and Optimus (In progress)
:bulletred: Villain designs for :iconm3gr1ml0ck: for his Karnifax series. (In progress)
:bulletred: Ganondorf drawing for the :iconsmash-universe:s Collaboration (haven't started)
:bulletred: Recordicon Comic / Editing the english version of another comic script for :iconshatteredglasscomic: (haven't started)
:bulletred: Point commission of Krystal from Starfox for a deviant who wishes to remain Anonymous. (in progress)

If I owe you guys some art, let me know so I can put it on my list of crap to do today/tomorrow



afrolady114 has started a donation pool!
266 / 400
Just want to save some points to give to others for contest winners later on, or to friends who want them. :shrug:

I'll do small commissions for points too.

1-5: 1 sketch of choice
6-20: 2 sketches of choice
21-50: 1 colored request
51-80: 2 colored requests
81-100: 1 colored request + 2 sketches of choice.

Nothing much, but it'll give me something to do. ^^;

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