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October 17, 2013


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"His Buddy, Optimus"


I'm Baggie. I used to live by the dumpster behind that Fancy Italian Restaurant off the corner of Broadmore 'n' 33rd street. The kids called me Baggie 'cause I carried a worn out plastic bag with me ev'rywhere I went. Inside were trinkets I've had with me since I can remember.

There was a tarnished, golden ring inside, flat as the cracked sidewalk I lived on. I think I stepped on it once, but I still carried it in my bag. I think it belonged to my dad, if I had a dad. At least, I'd like to think it came from my dad, 'cause I don't remember.

There was also this red book with pages torn up 'n' stained so bad you couldn't tell what was on 'em. There's a faded picture of a white rabbit wearin' cloths on the cover of it. I can't read, but I still carried it in my bag. I liked to look at the pictures inside sometimes at night before I went to bed. I dunno why, but I always felt pretty darn happy after seein' some of the pictures of those silly rabbits.

I also had a broken robot toy. He could change into a red semi-truck. The red 'n' blue paint on 'im was flakin' off ev'rywhere. He looked more silver than red in all honesty. I think he's called Optimist, Optimust, Optimus? Somethin' like that. I heard from the other street kids he's a leader of a bunch of robots from another planet. I found 'im in a dumpster one day, as I was lookin' for some lunch. He's been my best friend ever since I found 'im. He's never inside my bag, 'cause what kind of friend keeps his best bud inside a dirty, plastic bag?

I always went to bed with Optimus, 'cause he's supposed to protect me from all the bad people on the streets at night. One time one of the local homeless guys wandered up to where we were sleepin'. He had a broken beer bottle in one hand as he was stumblin' 'bout, knockin' over ev'rythin' he could find. He was causin' quite a ruckus. His path of destruction woke me 'n' Optimist up. He managed to stumble up to us, 'n' outta the blue, he said he was gonna kill me. I scrambled away from 'im as fast as I could, but I ended up puttin' me 'n' Optimus in a corner. I was pretty scared at that point havin' nowhere to run off to. I think Optimust was too, but I can never tell with that mask of his. I think anyone would if they were in that situation, but I remembered Optimist was supposed save me whenever I got in a tight spot. I threw 'im at the craz'd guy 'n' he hit 'im right square on the nose! Gave 'im a nice nosebleed. The guy was so fuzzed in the head, he lost his balance 'n' smacked his head somethin' fierce on the pavement. I remember his head hittin' the ground, 'cause that crackin' sound still gives me nightmares ev'ry now 'n' then. That homeless guy didn't get up after he fell.

Me 'n' Optimus had to find a new place to live for a bit, 'cause there were cops ev'rywhere, prowlin' the alleys at night for 'bout a couple of weeks. Once they stopped appearin', me 'n' Optimust moved back to our corner by the dumpster.

I'm pretty thankful I had my best bud to watch my six all the time. He may not be the best 'bot for the job, but he tried his very best, 'n' I guess tryin' is better than not carin' at all... 'cause, well, not a whole lot of normal people cared 'bout us.

I knew no one cared 'bout us when no one came runnin' to help me 'n' Optimust when that semi hit us a couple of seconds ago.

I was bein' stupid again, 'n' crossed the road without lookin', 'cause I saw that balloon stand open up across the street. I found enough coins in the alleys the day before to pay for the blue balloon I wanted. I dunno why I bothered findin' the coins for the balloon, since Greg (the guy who hauls around the balloon cart. He's the one with the scruffy beard) always gave me the balloon I wanted for free. He was a nice guy... Anyways, I ran across the street hopin' to get that balloon before anyone else did, 'n' as I did, a big ol' semi slammed right into my left side. Optimus  saw the semi before I did, 'n' managed to wedge his way between me 'n' the front of it. He shattered into a billion little pieces on impact.

I did too.

Poor Optimust... my best bud protected me until the bitter end. That semi that hit us screeched to a stop not too long afterwards. I'm pretty sure I'm dead, since I'm standin' on the sidewalk I was on before I ran across the road. It's kind of a weird feelin'. I mean, it's weird seein' you splattered all over the road as you're still standin' around. I can't really describe how it feels. Let's just say it's "weird" to keep it simple.

Anyways, the semi stopped in the middle of the road. I don't know if I'm seein' things differently since I'm dead, but the darned thing is shiftin' shape. The semi -- the semi just stood up...? Wha--hey! He looks like my Optimus toy! No way! That's cool! Optimus really does exist!

What's he doin' now...? He's crouchin' down to me 'n' -- oh?  Oh.

Aw, shoot. He doesn't look too happy right now...

...He's just holdin' the dead me now.

Wait, I think he saw Optimus -- er, toy Optimus...

I think he picked up toy Optimus's head...?

Aw man... How freaky is that? The real Optimus just squished me 'n' my bud, Optimus.

Who'd thought that'd be the way we'd go?
Edit: A DD?!??!???????!!!! WHAT??? This was a plesant surprise! THANK YOU `JZLobo and ^SingingFlames for this honor! =) and a thank YOU to all you wonderful people on the interwebs for loving this piece!!! =) AAAH!!! I'm so excited right now! :dance: 

I felt like writing after going through some rough times IRL and this just kind of... manifested. :S

Sorry about the punch to the childhood, but I've always been wondering if this sort of thing has happened to our beloved Autobot Leader? I mean, I can't tell you how many times I've almost been run over by car 'cause of some dumb thing like a soccer ball, or a frisbee. I've always wondered how Optimus would react to something like this... especially if HE was the one to run over some stupid kid. Heh, I guess I didn't really answer my own question, since I put this in the POV of Baggie.

I wanted to do something a little different for the Halloween instead of drawing. I hope y'all enjoy this (or at least send me some hate messages for doing this to Optimus :P). I wanted to see if I could write out a somewhat serious little one shot. XD It's a bit morbid, but hey! It fits the holiday season! :lmao:

Some things about the writing:
:bulletred: There was this massive park over where I used to live in MI called, Monroe Park... since it was off Monroe Street.
:bulletred: I just pulled Broadmore and 33rd St. out of my ass. I have no idea if there's some "fancy Italian restaurant" at the corner of those two roads. XD
:bulletred: Optimus is purposefully misspelled in this a couple of times because Baggie isn't too certain which word to use at times.
:bulletred: Baggie is a play off a character named "Ziplock" from Eoin Colfer's book "The Supernaturalist". I remember reading that book a looooong time ago, and loving it to pieces. I suck with coming up with names, so I decided to do a little shout out to that awesome book. I LIKE EOIN COLFER'S STUFF. DON'T HATE _SOBS_
:bulletred: Just so people are wondering, the toy Optimus Baggie finds -I- think is an original G1 toy. The one that's all metal, and heavy as crap? Yeah. That one. XD However, I left it up in the air for people to fill in with their imaginations which "Optimus" toy Baggie finds.
:bulletred: The flattened ring represents a broken promise parents gives to their kids to keep 'em "safe".
:bulletred: The book is a reference to Peter Cottontail, some children's story. :shrugs: I've never read it..... but I figured a famous kiddie tale would be easier for people to associate with. Hehe. (after googling what Peter Cottontail is, I am a terrible person for adding it in this sad little fic XD)
:bulletred: Also, I'm not religious, but it is interesting to think about what's on "the other side" after we kick the can or in this case get squished by Optimus.
:bulletred: Baggie could be boy. Baggie could be a girl. ;)

I'll probably delete this or put it in storage sometime later on... but meh, I'm just in a weird funk right now. :S

Comments and Critiques welcomed!

Transformers (c) Hasbro.
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His Buddy, Optimus by *afrolady114 A touching and brilliantly narrated story, with an unexpected ending. Also suggested by an anonymous deviant. ( Suggested by JZLobo and Featured by SingingFlames )
milandare Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2013
I enjoyed this very much.
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Ahh, I remember Ziplock!! c:

*will never know if Baggie is a boy or girl*
DalailamaNYF Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2013  Student
Interesting, but stupid. Yawn 
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Oh that's ok. XD I thought it was stupid too when I wrote it too. :)
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Ech!I teared up at bit from the end. This is so sweet.
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